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We Can Do Leads In Specified Demographics

Buyers of insurance leads are always looking for experienced teams for their marketing campaigns. They have to deal with the different scenarios of greater complexity of linking the pool of information together as and when required. Live transfer of leads is our innovative program to deal with this complex situation. There are number of reasons why insurance agents must go for live transfer, mainly few of these are mentioned below:


The live transfer of leads is processed and usually transferred within seconds, because if the sales agent do not get in contact with the lead on time, it can result in dropped lead and there is a chance that lead sale may cut down. With the outbound calls, there is a high chance of getting on to voicemail messages, ignored call or busy signals.


Criteria for qualified leads are established based on the selective pre-qualified leads gained through filtered and modified script of questioners.


During the session of live transfer of leads program, one of the sales team members makes an introductory call conversation with the potential insurance buyer. This is one way of developing trust and creating an environment to forecast purchase.
The programs for Live Transfer helps to assist brokerages and carriers boost exchange by cutting down the time spent on explaining the details to untrained leads.

The Live Transfer Leads are tremendously cost effective and an efficient way of increasing sales. Instead of making thousand above calls at any given time and inquiring about their demands and what they want to quote. This is extensive time consuming process, which can be handled by taking IgenLeads insurance services to optimize the list of potential leads. In this way, clients save time spend on dealing with insignificant calls and give their best on live essential leads. When we are concerned about the business then Time is money. Our hours and minutes are the currency. The main question is that how much time you are willing to spend on the generation of lead.

Igen Leads offers the customized campaigns for the generation of lead. We offer the capability to efficiently attain national opted-in database of consumers and business owners. Clients can obtain big Return On Investment from our campaigns.

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We also provide leads in specified demographics, our marketers and customers are happy and satisfied. Our services include:

• Overnight acquiring of top quality sales lead.
• Sale’s department capacity to deal with maximum number of leads.
• Customizable campaigns for Lead plus Live Transfer in addition with the personalized support.

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We are a simple company with simple goal


onnecting consumers with agents through affiliates, partners and technical innovation
Whether you are an agent, a partner providing insurance leads, a consumer looking for a quote, or an affiliate, the insurance industry can be complex and difficult to navigate. Our goal is to simplify the entire process using digital technology and paying close attention to your individual needs, ultimately connects you with the correct person.

As a company, our primary goal is to focus on consumer experience. We do this through an innovative approach that connects the consumer with an insurance professional in real-time. The insurance agent or company can then quickly and effectively satisfy the consumer’s needs. Our technical innovation and stand-alone approach to all aspects of the industry makes the quoting process easy for all parties involved.



In today’s industry it is a struggle to find a company to provide a consistent flow of quality leads. The Lead Company has innovated in the industry to provide you the highest quality insurance leads possible. Using technology and filters to target leads that fit you and your company is the fastest way to grow your business.


Are you tired of paying for overpriced insurance with minimal coverage? We can pair you with a local insurance agent who can offer you services that specifically meet your needs. Our process is fast, efficient and simple. You can get started right now – Get a quote now for Auto, Home, Life or Health insurance!


Through continuous innovation we are able to deliver high volumes of quality insurance leads to your network of agents and partners. Trust in us as a reliable source for consumer insurance leads. Visit Partner Resources to see how we can grow and support your business.


Our diverse network of agents and partners allows us to maximize the revenues paid for your marketing efforts. Whether you aim to drive traffic directly to us, or generate leads on sites developed by your company, we can develop a stand-alone program to fit your needs. Visit Affiliate Resources to learn more.

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